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Artist statement about the ceramic sculptures

My primary choice in art making has been paint: water colors, acrylic and mostly oil paints.  I have sold and continue to create with paint medium as my main expression. My paintings are known to be very texture in its physicality as I often use the palette knife.  I paint on canvas, wood and rock. I have tinkered with clay, plaster and wax sculpture in grade school and college. One of my plaster creations, “Raven” won the front page of a college brochure. I loved it.  It was 3 D and earthy and physical but I never had the space for these works. I did not have a kiln. So time went on. 

I felt stagnant in my art works however and getting older. I became a member of an Art Center near me where I had access to clay, kilns, glazes.  I took a ceramic sculpture class which ignited my art to a whole new level, and my work grew.  I walk in the forest each day and have been influenced by the woodland life and the beauty of bark and trees.  

Hence my recent creations. 

Physicality of the ceramic sculpture

These are made from brown and white clays fired in a kiln and then glazed, oxide or slip applied, patinia applied and finally beeswax. I start with the neck or bust and work upwards.  The whole piece is hollow.  I push the nose, chin, forehead etc out from the inside out. My tools are my hands and fingers and when it gets too small as I go to the top I use instruments. I like to see the gesture and texture.  It feels honest in its raw state. Sometimes I close the top and sometimes I keep it open.  This makes the pieces lighter and more evolved.

All works are For Sale.  If interested, please request size and cost and any other questions via web contact form.

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