I have been an artist my whole life

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I have been an artist my whole life. It was my first language. I focus on the complexity and diversity of expressing one’s inner self through unleashing creativity, which I believe is in everyone. I draw and paint the inner pulse of life, whether it is the human, the sea, the mountain, the tree, the animal, the insect. In the late 90’s, my focus was in the study of the numerous types of bodies of water, from swamps to lakes, oceans and bays. Born near the North Shore of Long Island, NY I would often ponder the sea which has been my teacher for a long time. The sea represents change and continuum, cycles, death and birth. In the early 2000 I focused on a psychological series of the Way of the Cross. Whereas nature creates peace, this series created a cathartic experience of the human beings struggle. Through my brush strokes and color application, I represented the center and movements around the story I wish to portray, varying surfaces and light reflection. I revealed, as well, the shimmering views of the abyss that lay beneath through the play of light on the surface. I keep my work fresh and in motion. I work on many levels with nature, including, the human soul and animals. I show this through the translucency of the eyes. I am a nurturer and have three sons, 3 daughter in loves and 6 grandchildren that I adore and am very involved with. I do find that I always go back to water as my thread. I find that the sea is a metaphor to my Spiritual beliefs. I love all animals and am guardian to a large dog and a couple of cats. Recently I am engrossed with the equine spirit. I rode horses when I was young. I love the gentle, yet wild nature. I have memories of first seeing them as massive, yet when our eyes met I sensed kindness. I feel one with the horse, like I feel one with the sea. I feel gratitude. When I am traveling, I ride the horse near the sea. I become free. Some of my most recent art works reveal the heart of this magnificent animal. I show this through parts like their eyes and their veins. “Mario” was a horse I rode when I was in the Caribbean last April. I took a photo of his tan, massive head with perky ears and wind-blown hair, as I was riding him. We galloped far. I painted this. I wish to get to the core, the basic in a confusing world. I love life, yet I know by experience death in all its forms. I am passionate and devoted. I depict these impressions through my art works. I paint with my whole being. I explore the shapes of nature with all its layers, and express the spirit of nature’s pulse which I present to the observer through color, application and composition.

I have studied traditional and nontraditional art technique and hold a bachelor’s of Science in Studio Art degree: magna cum laude. I am mostly an oil painter but dabble in many other venues, including sculpture which I love. I also have completed many murals throughout the capital region of NY. I own and run River House Art Studio; a home base art space where I create work on commission and teach art seminars, instructions from Beginner through Advanced. I paint on commission and teach art classes. I have over 3000 followers on my Facebook art page. I am planning on producing videos in the next part of my life journey. I have been an artist my whole life.