The Art Whisperer. That is how I referred to Patricia Trudeau, the “Artist In Chief”, at Riverhouse Art Studio (in a comment to my sister). I also suggested to Pat, that she seek certification as an Art Therapist, so that I might have my Health Insurance pay for sessions! Pat’s classes are as therapeutic as they are educational! Peaceful music, calming words, inspired confidence; Pat’s classes are like a Gym membership, for the Right Side of the brain! Before leaving from my first lesson, Pat asked that I let her know, how I felt on my way home. She said, most felt a sense of excitement and heightened senses, for me, it was more a slight sense of intoxication, probably from the release of “creative” endorphins (I was glad I live 1/4 mile away :)).

Without divulging my age (I will only say I do qualify for many Senior Discounts), I told Pat, that in me, she had quite a challenge in front of her. I have never taken any art, drawing or painting class (not even a Paint & Sip:)), I cannot draw, and, though I am not truly “Color Blind”, I do have problems, discerning certain shades of Blue/Purple, Orange/Green, Green/Brown (and a few other combinations). Pat said, “Do not worry – first you will learn to “see”, and then, the colors will come. Undeterred, Pat took on the challenge, and I am glad that Pat convinced me that I should embrace the challenge!

I will never be a great painter, but that is not the only reason, or best reason, to allow ourselves to enjoy any art, or music, or any creative activity. The main reason, is to somehow find a way to express ourselves – to use our tools – to exercise our minds, and to keep ourselves as mentally fit and youthful, as reality allows. I had forgotten that very important lesson. Pat reminded me of it! It has paid dividends, beyond simply painting, it has awoken other dormant creative outlets.

If you are reading this review, and trying to decide whether you should take the plunge, and take lessons from Pat Trudeau, I can only say, jump in, with both feet, or head first, whichever you prefer! You will ge glad you did. Your brain will be glad you did, your soul, will be glad you did! I will be back for more, for sure!

Thank you Pat!