Over the weekend I experience a lot of the color Green. As an artist I love color! But like a favorite song, which plays over and over again a color over use loses its appeal. Green is the color of life, of fertility and wakefulness!! This Saturday some of my loved ones ran with me on a four mile “Running of the Green” race in celebration of St. Paddy’s day. It was so much fun, so exhilarating, even though I was slow. I felt so much love and pride for my family. Then off to the NY City my husband and I went, to sleep over night and for him to run his NY city ½ marathon. We arrived there with much traffic, very over stimulated with noise and COLORS that is the norm of the city combined with the honking horns left over from the St. Patrick’s Day parade. We walked a long time in the wet Spring brown snow, trying not to bump into the very drunk parting parade folks where green, green. I was aching and knew I had a cold now settling into my bones. Green. I woke up very early and went out into the sea of people, and applauded the runners for many hours. My husband was one of the first runners. I wasn’t green with envy no. I was blue from cold. I was proud deep in my heart for him, so fast, so competent. I was feeling proud of my husband, proud of my loved ones the day before. I wonder what the color of pride is? But being so chilled with a fever now, I was more blue more then anything, So up the elevator I went as I watched out the window, at the ant like runners trotting by, absorbing the impressions that I tucked away into my mind’s eye for possible expression in creative form. I seek the cozy crimson color for warmth now as I blow my nose and wait out the cold. After all variety (of colors) is the spice of life.